Adriana Jemison

Social Lead
Advisor: Dr. Kozlowski

As west coast transplant, I grew up in the valley of Salt Lake City, Utah before getting my bachelor’s degree in chemistry at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. After completing my undergraduate thesis on organobismuth chemistry, I decided to pursue an internship in biotech while applying to graduate school. I studied the pharmacokinetics of new drug compounds for a year at eFFECTOR Therapeutics in San Diego, California before joining the Organic division at Penn. After starting my PhD, I decided to continue studying organometallic chemistry in the context of catalysis in the Kozlowski lab, working on oxidative coupling transformations. When I’m not in the lab or the HTE center, you can find me exploring the woods of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, taking road trips to NYC, or curled up with a book and my rescue cat Thackery. As head of the social subgroup, I help plan semesterly activities that give graduate students a chance to engage with one another in a relaxed setting outside of their lab groups.

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