Katherine Elbert

PAC Lead
Advisor: Dr. Murray
I grew up in Ringoes, NJ (near Princeton), and went to Haverford College where I majored in chemistry. Before coming to Penn, I spent a year at Los Alamos and Brookhaven National Laboratories, doing lots of chemistry but also honing my hiking and skiing skills. At Penn, I am in Chris Murray’s group where my research focuses on designing and applying novel organic ligands to inorganic nanoparticle systems.  Some of my favorite things to do outside of lab include going to the Philadelphia Art Museum, yoga, reading the New Yorker, developing french pastry skills, and trying new happy hours! I joined Women in Chemistry as part of the Professional Advancement Committee during my first year, and now as the President of WiC I am excited to lead such a strong group to provide support and opportunities for women in our department!