Awards and Fellowships

  • Katherine Elbert of the Murray Group won the Excellence in Chemistry Graduate Research Award 2019, Inorganic Chemistry.
  • Shorouk Badir of the Molander Group won the Excellence in Chemistry Graduate Research Award 2019, Organic  Chemistry.
  • Aixi Zhang of he Fakhraai Group won the Excellence in Chemistry Graduate Research Award 2019, Physical Chemistry .
  • Carolyn White of the Anna Group was reappointed to the NIH Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics Training Grant.
  • Carolyn White of the Anna Group won a best poster award for her excellent presentation at the 36th Eastern Regional Photosynthesis Conference. 
  • Lexi Zhang from the Fakhraai group received the SAS Dean’s Scholars Award


  • Chunxiao (Cheryl) Liu and Taylor Barrett of the Petersson group published “Fluorescent Probes for Studying Thioamide Positional Effects on Proteolysis Reveal Insight into Resistance to Cysteine Proteases” and are featured in a special issue of Angewandte Chemie and the cover of ChemBioChem with other groups from the Chemical Protein Synthesis Meeting.
  • Jisun Lee and Madeleine Joullie published a paper in Chemical Science, 2018, 9, 2432 – 2436. The work was mentioned in Chemistry World.
  • Becky Wiles and Co-workers in the Molander Group published a paper “Rapid access to diverse, trifluoromethylsubstituted alkenes using complementary strategies” in Chemical Science 2018,9, 3215-3220 .


  • Prof. Jessica Anna and Yumin Lee published the Anna Group’s first ultrafast spectroscopy paper in JACS.
  • The paper “7-Cyanoindole fluorescence as a local hydration reporter: application to probe the microheterogeneity of nine water-organic binary mixtures” by Debopreeti Mukherjee and co-workers of the Gai Group was accepted to Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.
  • The paper “Rapid access to diverse, trifluoromethylsubstituted alkenes using complementary strategies” by Rebecca Wiles and co-workers of the Molander Group was accepted to Chemical Science.
  • Profs. Zahra Fakhraai and Marsha Lester were featured in the Journal of Physical Chemistry‘s November 7th Virtual Issue celebrating the 150th Birthday of Marie Curie.


  • Sarah Wolf of the Fakhraai Group presented her research “Measuring Hardness of Stable Glasses Using Nanoindentation” at the APS March Meeting.
  • Ziyu Ye of the Riggleman Group presented her research “Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Cavitation in Network Polymer Gels” at the APS March Meeting.
  • Melissa Grenier and Dr. Sharon Kirk of the Smith group presented posters on “Evolution of Small-Molecule Inhibitors of HIV-1 Entry: A Potential Long-Term Strategy for Curbing the Aids Pandemic” at the NIGMS Structural Biology Conference .
  • Katie Elbert of the Murray group presented her talk titled “Design, self-assembly, and switchable wettability in hydrophobic, hydrophilic, and Janus dendritic ligand−gold nanoparticle hybrid materials” and her poster titled “Design and Applications of Dendritic Ligands for Nanoparticle Stability, Assembly, and Property Tuning” at ACS in Boston.
  • Judith Currano of the Chemistry Library will be presented “Nobody else is doing it: Teaching opportunities for the chemistry librarian of the future” at the ACS National Meeting in Boston.
  • Melissa Grenier of the Smith Group will be presented her poster titled “Design, Synthesis and Validation of Small Molecules that Sensitize HIV-1 Infected Cells to Antibody Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity (ADCC)” at the ACS  in Boston.


  • On October 21st, Taylor Barrett of the Petersson Group, Nicole Bellonzi of the Subotnik Group, and Althea Gaffney of the Smith Group led the 8th ACES program, a day of science activities for local 3rd to 8th grade Philadelphia students held at the Chemistry department.
  • On November 4th, Jacquelyn Blum of the Saven Group and Jennifer Lee of the Murray Group led a group of women volunteering at PAGES, a biannual science conference for sixth-grade girls.

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