Recent Women Graduates

  • Melissa Grenier of the Smith Group, successfully defended her dissertation entitled: “Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Small Molecules that Inhibit HIV-1 Entry and Sensitize HIV-1 Infected Cells to Immune Responses” and is now working at GSK.
  • Joomyung (Vicky) Jun of the Chenoweth and Petersson Groups, successfully defended her dissertation entitled: “Rational Design and Facile Synthesis of Novel Fluorescent Scaffolds for Biological Studies in Live Cells.”
  • Lauren Grant, of the Mindiola Group, successfully defended her dissertation entitled: “Exploring the Use of Transition Metals in the Synthesis of Novel Metal-Ligand Multiple Bonds, Azide Complexes, and Unprecedented Reactivity with the Phosphaethynolato Reagent”  and is now doing a postdoc with Prof. Jonas Peters at Caltech
  • Debopreeti Mukherjee, of the Gai Group, successfully defended her dissertation entitled: “Development of Unnatural Amino Acid Based Spectroscopic Probes for Chemical and Biological Applications” and is now working at Merck, 
  • Nisalak Trongsiriwat of the Walsh Group, successfully defended her dissertation entitled: “Part I: The study of 2-aryl-1,3-dithiane derivatives as pronucleophiles in palladium-catalysed allylic alkylation ant propellyation, Part II: Ligand-free palladium-catalysed allylic lamination of hydrazine derivatives,  Part III: synthesis of criegee intermediate precursors.”
  • Chen Wu, of the Walsh Group, successfully defended her dissertation entitled: “Part I: C-F bond activation via different catalysts, Part II: enantioselective synthesis of sulfoxides from sultanate anions.” 
  • Nicole Bellonzi, of the Subotnik Group, successfully defended her dissertation entitled: “Nonadiabatic Dynamics with Spin-Orbit Coupling“ and is now working at McKinsey. 
  • Jing Yang, of the Rappe Group, successfully defended her dissertation entitled: “First Principles Study of Tribopolymerization on Conductive Material Sufaces.”
  • Jennifer Matsui, of the Molander Group, successfully defended her dissertation entitled: “Photoredox-Mediated Metal-Free C-H Alkylation and Dual Catalysis” and is now at medical school at Ohio State University